Results that last – personally or professionally – require commitment, a conscious effort, and sustained effort over time.  

Coaching can help you develop the skills and confidence needed to foster personal and professional growth. But before you get to the start line we must establish a goal, define what success looks like for you, and develop a strategy to move forward.

Your reason to get to the start line may be to help more people, live more consciously, improve sales performance, raise confidence, become a better leader, develop more meaningful relationships, write a book, run a marathon, or spend more time with family. Whatever your finish line may be you can get there with flying colors.



Growth, profitability, and predictability is the desired outcome for any sales pursuit.  You know the reason why you've arrived at the start line.  Now it's time to develop a strategy to cross the finish line with flying colors.  Let's get to work and win together!

ON YOUR MARK - Mind Your Business, Get Clear With Your Goals

We begin with the end in mind.  What does sales success look like for you?

Once we define success, we identify what's working, prioritize, and determine what can be improved and/or implemented.  It's important to become mindful of any performance gaps at the beginning.  Often times, small adjustments and self-awareness lead to better time management, renewed focus, and improved performance.  Questions to consider:

  • What is your greatest opportunity for growth?
  • Do you have a social selling strategy?
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • How do you maintain accountability?
  • Do you have adequate tools and resources to enable success (CRM system, updated social profiles, accountability partners, relevant content, etc.)?

GET SET - Develop Your Strategy

Sales is the lifeblood of your organization.  Bottom line is you need to develop a process or system that generates quality sales leads every day.  You know the benefits of your products, services and/or technology.  Now it's time to:

  • Find your prospective buyers
  • Learn where they are spending their time
  • Identify social media platforms they are actively engaged
  • Identify decision makers, influencers, and referral sources
  • Learn about their motivations and pain points
  • Develop your engagement strategy
  • Generate relevant content

"Use your imagination to fill in the blanks"

-- Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank 

GET SET is where the fun begins.  What do your prospects and customers value the most?  Your strategy must be predicated on the answer to this question.  During this discovery process we collaborate to reveal "brandable" components that are unique to your business.  Being able to differentiate on these details will set you apart.

SELL - Commit, Take Massive Action, Follow Through

"Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity"

-Zig Ziglar

GET SET is when we develop our strategy, differentiated with value and identified where to find qualified buyers.  SELL is all about commitment and following up.  I refer to this process as tactical execution, where we are in the trenches of our prospects best interests.  Our chances of closing a sale increase when we've accumulated trust over time and/or established rapport with credible resources.  

Now it's time to execute.  During this collaborative session we will learn to:

  • Generate leads through strategic alignment and referrals
  • Optimize sales effort through smart time management
  • Accelerate the closing process through intuitive listening and collaborative feedback
  • Remain organized, document correspondence, and identify next steps
  • Prepare to handle objections
  • Remain focused and accountable


SPONSORSHIPS THAT WIN: Develop Your Playbook for Success



Whether you’re a business jockeying for market position or a non-profit seeking to fund critical initiatives, sponsorships are powerful generators of revenue and impact.  And to let you in on a little secret -  great idea paired with a great strategy will always find a way to get funded.

Whether you prefer to learn virtually, through a group collaboration or an experienced performance coach, this program is designed to accommodate all three (Online course to launch in 2020).  We learn best by doing.  Each participant receives a spiral bound notebook to take valuable notes, outline your success strategy and  generate ideas with the group.  This workshop will help you...

  • Get to the heart of what matters most to prospective businesses
  • Accelerate the process of creating new revenue through sponsorship
  • Convincingly position yourself as a leader in the local market
  • Develop a compelling proposal that sponsors will say yes to
  • Inspire passionate engagement with new audiences
  • Generate explosive impact and revenue

In this four-part course you'll learn to:

SESSION 1:  Introduction to Sponsorship

  • Develop a better understanding about what sponsorship is
  • Know why companies sponsor
  • Fireside chat about sponsorship and sales success
  • Sponsorship versus Advertising

SESSION 2:  Who wants what you have? 

  • Identify key differentiator of your business
  • Develop your customer profile
  • Build an inventory of assets
  • Where and how to find your target audience

SESSION 3:  Sell it like you mean it

  • Develop your campaign
  • Divide and conquer
  • Get face time and gain referrals
  • Secure commitments

SESSION 4:  The art of writing an effective sponsorship proposal

  • Combine what you have with what they want
  • Give them options
  • Effectively manage your activation
  • Over deliver


ADAPT to change. CREATE opportunities. ACTIVATE your plan.

Change is inevitable. Values change, perspectives change, priorities change, health conditions change, management changes, work environment changes.  If you’re navigating through transition you may find yourself asking questions such as...

What's next?  How do I overcome? Who do I wish to become? Why is this important to me?

Throughout the process of change we must learn to adapt and accept a new set of conditions, overcome limiting beliefs, and activate new ways of thinking.  We will dig deep to help you gain clarity for what you truly want and develop an actionable plan for success.


If you feel stuck or having difficulty adjusting to a new normal, you're not alone.   We all go through transitions and difficult periods throughout our lives.  There are others whom have been in your shoes and have overcome.  You can too.  

If you'd like an opportunity to work with Danny please fill out the confidential form at the bottom of this page, and your message will be returned within 2 business days.  




"Now that I have a better understanding of how to use goal setting, I find that I am hitting and maintaining my goals more often.  Our time with Danny as our sales coach as stoked my inner creative fires, and given me the impetus to strive for more!"

Eduardo Gutierrez / IT Services

"I recently attended Danny's sponsorship workshop and his insights helped me look at our organization's approach from start to finish. I was able to identify a number of actionable items, and have already implemented a few. Thanks for the opportunity and the connections made!"

Heidi Parker – Executive Director / Immunize Nevada

"Of all 5 breakout sessions I attended, I got the most out of yours.  You were concise and to the point.  Your content was applicable with good real life experiences.  Well Done!"

Max Lebovitz - Consultant 

"The attendees gave your session and the Congress overall very high marks.  In our opinion, this is due to the quality of our presenters and their aptitude to connect with their audience."

Lou Mengsol - President / U.S. Sports Congress

"You're an excellent speaker and you gave me a lot to think about.  I'm going to overhaul my business plan and sales activities with your 10 Principles to Sales Success.  Also a special thanks for your book."

Mike Dostal - Realtor / Sierra Nevada Properties


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