My mission is to help people discover and activate their best self.

Life is too short for complacency and no matter where you are in your journey, you always have a choice.  You can settle with what you have or you can take action to create the life you want.  This was my path...

Hi, my name is Danny Heinsohn and my biggest setback became my greatest opportunity.

Upon college graduation with a bachelor of science in electrical engineering, I was diagnosed with brain cancer.  After 15 months of craniotomies, seizure complications, and chemotherapy, I spiraled into depression and lost my sense of identity.  I had to relearn how to walk, talk, and tie my shoes.

By the time I got back into "real life" I was broke with a mound of student debt, socially marooned and the economy entered a 2.5 year recession.  There were no jobs.  While the rest of the world moved on I was left in the wake of cancer and chemotherapy.  I changed my way of thinking, took action, and reinvented myself.

On the road to recovery I signed up to participate in an indoor cycling class choreographed to music. The instructor was amazing and I loved the energy and sense of camaraderie. It was at that time when I decided to become a certified spinning instructor.

Along with this newfound passion came a new lifestyle. I grew up playing sports and consuming sports on traditional media but the parallels between cancer and chemotherapy with endurance sports became my new calling card.

Following this path led to an encounter with the owner of a start up company whose passions aligned with mine. I was hired the next day and that’s when my career in sales began.  

Eventually, I would go on to create two divisions of the company in the professional sports and corporate sponsorship industries.  I cracked the sales code in those markets, implemented and activated new ideas, streamlined processes, differentiated on the details, and built ironclad partnerships with the biggest names in the business.  Sales is a relationship business.  We build relationships by our commitment to cultivate and demonstrate value.  

An abbreviated client roster I've had the honor to work with includes the legendary New York Yankees, Super Bowl Champions Baltimore Ravens, Stanley Cup Champions Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins, NASCAR, GoPro, Nike, UPS, Samsung, Red Bull and over 75 NCAA Division 1 and Division 2 properties.  

My B2B sales program yields 10x growth in 3 to 6 months, while my sponsorship sales workshop helps create explosive revenue and impact for events and non-profits.


Giving back and sharing my experience is of high priority for me.  As a survivor I've learned to celebrate the small and large victories along the journey.  

In 2010, I decided to celebrate my 10th year of remission from brain cancer by starting my own foundation and compete in my first Ironman Triathlon – 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile marathon (all to be completed in 17 hours or less).

My Hometown Heroes was created to celebrate the community who supported me with compassion along my journey through brain cancer. My friends, family, and medical team were my heroes. Since 2011, My Hometown Heroes has awarded 115 scholarships to college bound cancer survivors from across the country between 15 and 39 years old.  

Over the past 2 years (2018 and 2019) My Hometown Heroes has experienced our highest  growth resulting in $60,000 in scholarships awarded.  Our mission is to help bridge the gap between cancer and college, one scholarship at a time.

Thank you for stopping by.  I'd love to learn about your journey and how I may be of service.


Speaking & Coaching

For A Reason, LLC is a coaching and consulting agency designed to help businesses and entrepreneurs create results through purpose driven actions. Knowing why you’re in business is one thing. Understanding why people want to work with you is another.

When we understand how we create value and deliver on the details of our brand promise, we begin to differentiate from the rest of the market. We stand apart from the competition and pave our way to self-actualization and market relevance.

Let’s get excited, creative, and strategic about what’s most important to your clients and prospective customers. Help them discover more reasons to work with you.

PROGRAMS: Transformational Keynote, Leadership Development, Communication Strategies, B2B Sales Training, Sponsorship Sales Training, Strategic Planning, Breakout Sessions, Workshops, Executive Coaching