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RESILIENCE HAPPENS: Your Biggest Setback Could Be Your Greatest Opportunity

In life we must learn to embrace change, overcome obstacles, align with what's most important, and develop courage to move forward.  For Danny Heinsohn, plans to backpack Europe were derailed after a brain cancer diagnosis upon college graduation at the age of 23.  After three craniotomies to remove a racquetball sized tumor, Danny endured severe seizure complications, memory loss, loss of hand-eye coordination, 12 months of chemotherapy followed by depression and several years of social reintegration.

It was the kindness and support of friends, family, and the community where Danny discovered his true calling - to endure, inspire, and overcome.  Your audience will be inspired by Danny's powerful story to create the life you imagine, even through the most demanding and difficult of circumstances.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop the fortitude to accept and thrive in a new normal
  • Find your happy place - Appreciate the little things
  • Let go of the past to open up a universe of possibilities
  • Create abundance from scarcity
  • Rally your tribe to support your mission


THE 3 DISCIPLINES OF SUCCESS: Clarity, Commitment, Community

In the sport of triathlon, there are 3 disciplines - swim, bike and run.  But did you know there is a 4th discipline to triathlons?  It's called transition.  When you finish the swim you don't magically appear on the bike, and when you finish the bike you don't magically appear on the run.  There is time and process to transition from one discipline to the next.  One minute or one second too long in transition could be the difference between standing on the medal podium or admiring the winners as a spectator.  

In life, we will encounter transitions - sickness to wellness, college to career, manager to director, corporate to self-employed, etc.  When we want to advance to the next level or if the unexpected happens, we must learn to adapt and accept to a new set of conditions.  We MUST think and act differently.  The bigger the goal or more arduous the task, the more peaks, valleys, rivers, detours, delays and dead ends you are bound to encounter.  But you always have a choice when you come across adversity - you can let it stop you in your tracks, or you can use them as stepping stones to rise to the next level.

We must learn to transition from "Point A" to "Point B" in a healthy and conscious way.  

Learning Objectives:

  • Unplug, ground yourself, and be grateful 
  • Build an ironclad routine that propels you forward
  • Dispel limiting beliefs and replace them with mindful action
  • Create alignment with other like-minded people 
  • Accountability through community


Every morning you have the power to make a decision.  Love or fear.  One decision propels you forward while the other one holds you back.  One enables you to live through purpose and intention, while the other one leaves you indecisive and uncertain.   The choices you make pave the way to your future - People will notice!

By staying true with his purpose and intentions, national award-winning philanthropist, Danny Heinsohn, has been recognized among the largest media outlets in his industry, national community networks, and the population of an entire demographic.  Stake your claim in the world, play the long game, and create a legacy through serving others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Focus on the process, don't get attached to the outcome
  • Replace limiting beliefs with empowering and actionable thoughts
  • Create results driven accountability
  • Build a team that supports your mission
  • Lead through creativity, confidence, and consistency




American Society of Civil Engineers

 "Our non-profit board selected and hired Danny based on his great personal recommendations; he did not disappoint. He engaged the audience with a fun introductory rap song that had everyone standing and clapping with his bold and powerful message. I personally left the keynote with a renewed sense of purpose to tackle the struggles in my life and I know our group had similar experiences."

Randall Rice - Associate Civil Engineer / City of Reno


American Family Insurance

 "We were fortunate to have Danny as the keynote speaker for our annual recognition event this year and he was nothing short of phenomenal! His message was powerful, thought-provoking, and impactful; the event was over a month ago and I am still getting comments about how Danny's message resonated with them and how it changed how they look at life and business. Aside from the quality of his content, there was a very fun and entertaining side to the presentation as well, which opens with a rap which got everyone in the room on their feet and clapping. The energy was electrifying!!!  

Jennifer Landes / State Sales Planning Manager

Texas Rangers

"I know you have heard this but I was quite inspired by your story.  Your grit, determination and drive are what coaches and bosses dream of for their team members.  Thanks for all you do."

Chad Wynn - Business Partnerships

Full Sail University

  "Danny spoke to our students about the importance of overcoming obstacles as being a key to success. It’s a great message for rising graduates, especially through the details of his incredible story. The story is impressive on its own – and a must-listen/read if you haven’t heard it – but Danny’s abilities as a caring, interested mentor stand on their merits as well. Danny has many talents that separate him from others in the industry, but I like being around him because I enjoy his company and his conversation. I’m inspired to do more in my business, to connect better, to keep things in perspective after spending time with him, and that’s a rare feeling in this business indeed."

Josh Mora – Strategic Partnerships

The Applied Companies

"Not only is Danny’s story inspiring, but he also hammered the point home about giving back to others and making sure you are utilizing each day to its fullest capacity. His enthusiasm for life is contagious and his mindset of helping others to achieve their goals is something many should aspire to. "

Chris Boline - Lead Generation Specialist


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