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Danny Heinsohn has an eclectic speaking background that has inspired and motivated audiences from across the country.  Danny has spoken for national and regional conferences, athletes, sports executives, award shows, professional sports teams, college and high school students, health care professionals, real estate firms, investors, and entrepreneurs.   His three primary platforms include:



Danny's story of resilience is one that must be heard by everyone. Plans to backpack Europe were derailed after a brain cancer diagnosis upon college graduation at the age of 23.  After three craniotomies to remove a racquetball sized tumor, Danny endured severe seizure complications, memory loss, loss of motor functions, 12 months of chemotherapy, depression, and several years of social reintegration.  It was the kindness and support of his friends, family, and community where Danny discovered his calling - to endure, inspire, and overcome. 

Along the road to recovery Danny learned the keys to resilience can be found within the power of our communities. Your audience will be inspired by Danny's powerful message and the process of overcoming obstacles in the most demanding and difficult of circumstances. 

2015 YPN Twenty Under 40 Award
2014 SportsTravel Humanitarian Award
2014 OM Foundation Award
2010 USA Triathlon All-American


"We were fortunate to have Danny as the keynote speaker for our annual recognition event this year and he was nothing short of phenomenal!  His message was powerful, thought-provoking, and impactful; the event was over a month ago and I am still getting comments about how Danny's message resonated with them and how it changed how they look at life and business. 

Aside from the quality of his content, there was a very fun and entertaining side to the prsentation, which opens with a rap that got everyone in the room standing and clapping.  The energy was electrifying!!!  He was a joy to work with on this event and I can't say enough about his strength of character and the value he brought to our day.  Thank you Danny!" 

Jennnifer Landes - State Sales Planning Manager / American Family Insurance


"Our non-profit board selected and hired Danny based on his great personal recommendations; he did not disappoint. He engaged the audience with a fun introductory rap song which had everyone standing and clapping and yet his message was bold and powerful. I personally left the keynote with a renewed sense of purpose to tackle the struggles in my life and I know our group had similar experiences. The speech also helped me realize that nothing in life is impossible if you carry the right state of mind. Thank you Danny, your message was well received."

Randall Rice, PE - Associate Civil Engineer / American Society of Civil Engineers



(Keynote or Breakout Session)
With over 12 years experience of selling in the sports and corporate sponsorship industries, Danny has built several prestigious and sustaining relationships with 10 principles of success.  The New York Yankees, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Blackhawks, Southeastern Conference, Arkansas Razorbacks, Texas Longhorns, Nevada Wolf Pack, MillerCoors, Nike, and Red Bull are a few properties on his short list. When you understand the principles of selling, you will have a fundamental advantage over the competition.


"You're an excellent speaker and you gave me a lot to think about. I'm going to overhaul my business plan and sales activities with your 10 principles to sales success. Also a special thanks for your book!"

Mike Dostal, Sierra Nevada Properties





"Danny spoke to our students about the importance of overcoming obstacles as being a key to success. It's a great message for rising graduates, especially through the details of his incredible story. The story is impressive enough on its' own -- and a must-listen/read if you haven't heard it -- but Danny's abilities as a caring, interested mentor stand on their merits as well. Danny has many talents that separate him from others in the industry, but I like being around him because I enjoy his company and his conversation. I'm inspired to do more in my business, to connect better, to keep things in perspective after spending time with him, and that's a rare feeling in this business indeed."

Josh Mora /  Program Director, Sports Marketing & Media /  Full Sail University


 A few featured appearances include...








"I had the privilege of interviewing Danny on my podcast, Straight Shot Health Talk. Danny is one of those rare individuals who has both an amazing story and a gift of communication. Talking with him was engaging from the start...and continued through the interview. His story of how he was diagnosed with cancer (right before his "dream" trip) and the struggles he went through during treatment were heartfelt. And his eventual conclusion (*spoiler alert* it has a happy ending) was inspiring."

Kevin Cuccaro /  Straight Shot Health 





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Resilience begins with a reason