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01/19/2015 7:53 PM -

INSPIRATION FROM THE OPEN ROAD (A blog from the vault)

During the summer of 2012 I received an e-mail update from the National Sports Forum. It was a call for speakers for the conference in Orlando in 2013.  As a would-be 9 year alum I was excited for the opportunity and began to ponder what I might share at the sports industry’s marquee networking event. 

I had plans for a 60 mile training ride the following weekend and decided to sort my thoughts out then.  As I began the ride on a Starbucks buzz I began to think of some of the winning attributes that earned me the business of the biggest names in sports including Nike, Boston Bruins, Red Bull, OKC Thunder, Texas Longhorns and the New York Yankees. 

Words like perseverance, persistence, passion, and presence came to mind.  By the time I finished the ride I had seven principles that all began with the letter “P”.

I sent an e-mail to my friend Dave Mullins at GMR Marketing the following Monday, who replied, “I love it.  Here are three more”.  The end result was the “10 Principles of Success” and we agreed it was a winner.  


Be enthusiastic, be authentic and sell yourself.

You gotta pay to play!  There is no substitute for face time. 

Create memorable impressions.

Know the score.  Among the rest of the market, how do you rank?

You don’t get what you don’t ask for.

Persistence PAY$! 

Clear, CONCISE, Refined

It’s all about execution.  Go above and beyond expectations.

A partnership mentality will lead to organic growth. 

10.  PERKS
Get involved!


To spice up the presentation I used a few first hand success stories that landed me deals with some of the biggest teams and brands in the land.   In addition, other seasoned NSF vets such as Dan Migala, Bonner Paddock, and Brian Gainor have inspired me with their stories and insights to think differently for different results.  I shared tidbits of their methodologies in my presentation.

To keep the audience engaged I broke my presentation into 3 parts – Pre-Game, Half Time, and Post-Game.  At each break I offered a book to anyone who answered first, and correctly to simple sports trivia questions.  That was a big hit!

After my presentation several people lined up to say thanks, which was great.  When other folks asked how it went later in the day I could only tell them how it went based on the feedback from those who attended.  It was all positive.  And thank you to those who replied to my follow up e-mail, post-Forum…


Of all 5 breakouts I attended, I got the most out of yours.  You were concise and to the point.  Your content was applicable with good real life examples from your personal experience.  Well done!
-Max Lebovitz,

The thing that I thought you did a really good job of, was being able to relay your past experiences with your clients in a way that any person, irregardless of what they sold, could learn from. 
-Marc Simone, Coyote Promotions


Of the four breakout sessions that I attended, yours was the most impactful. 
-Mac Yates, Inflatable Images

I was honored to be in your breakout.  Thank you again for giving your time, to help the rest of us in the industry to get just that much more out of everyday.
-Ed Prescott, Infinity Vip/ Infinity Pro Sports

I truly enjoyed your presentation.
-Dr. Susan B. Foster, Professor, Sport Business - Saint Leo University

Special thanks to my team mates at ACCESS Event Solutions for rallying at the session, Brian Byrnes of the OKC Thunder for my breakout session intro, Ron Seaver for your friendship and support, and all the inspirational sports marketing influencers in the Forum community.

View my Slideshare presentation here.


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